Face Shield protects against drops, dust and chemicals

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    The current situation of our country is in the heart of epidemics, not inferior to other countries. In recent days, the Covid-19 virus epidemic is progressing more complicatedly, making a large number of people interested in the whole country. In the midst of the sensitive moment of the epidemic, each of us must improve self-awareness, how to prevent the epidemic, protect ourselves and everyone's health, to limit the spread of the epidemic. sick.

    Face Shield has a protective rim, which limits the virus in the air, drops outside when you contact or communicate with people around. The hat protects the eyes, nose and throat, protects against dust, protects the face when going out, is able to cover the rain and the sun conveniently. When using this versatile full-face goggles, you will be more confident for safety.

    Front FACE SHIELD: Made from imported polymer film
    – FDA compliance for medical device, RoHS environmental standard, safety for
    – Two-side protective PE films ensure scratch
    – Clear for maximum visibility, resitance to fogging, no eye strain for hours of using
    – Flexible FACE SHIELD, comfortable while working or doing intense
    – The polymer film has tempature resistance over 100 celsius degree which is easily cleaned and
    sterilized with hot water, scatch resistance, reusable

    Face Shield should also be used with employees requiring contact with many people, for example: Building management, security, supermarket staff, car assistant, receptionist, temperature checker, airport staff, soldiers on duty in concentrated isolated areas ...

    Phone: 028 7300 7866
    Email: cap@ecommed.vn[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

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