Medical face mask the best anti-virus dustproof available today

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    Medical face mask - The outbreak of corona disease is also when the masks become "more expensive" than ever. Wearing a mask becomes an act of safety for yourself and those around you. The question here is "are all types of masks effective?".

    Faced with serious air pollution with the current outbreak of corona virus. Choosing a mask that is both dustproof, dust-proof and virus-proof to use every time is absolutely necessary. However, not all masks are of good quality and are effective at protecting your health. Today's article will introduce you to the masks with the best dust and virus resistance!

    Easily make your next shopping trip, walk outside, or food run with face masks, medical masks, surgical masks..Designed for general use, our masks are perfect for daily walks, office work, grocery shopping, dining, traveling, indoor use, outdoor use, and other times you need general protection.

    Each mask is constructed with a 4-ply layer design for better filtration. The outer non-woven layer is made with hydrophobic materials to repel water and droplets. The middle melt-blown filtration layer is made from polypropylene to resist droplets and block out various elements. The inner non-woven layer is soft and breathable to feel comfortable against your skin.

    4 layer / 3 layer MEDICAL FACE MASK :

    – Material: made from high quality nonwoven fabric, which can prevent contaminants from entering, comfortable, soft and elastic ring, packing and sealing to ensure the highest standards.

    – Protective mask / disposable: filter 4 times, against dust, against haze, anti pollen, against saliva, anti-odor and other fine particles without smell.

    – Ear strap: It is firmly welded with precision welding for the body of the mask, suitable for home and professional use, indoors and outdoors, travel and work.

    Specification for this item:

    – Code name: ECOM06-1
    – Color: Blue / White
    – Barcode No: 893619419010
    – Packaging: 50 pcs/box; 50 boxes/ carton
    – Weight: 12 kg / carton
    – Box Dimension (cm): L18,5 x W10 x H11
    – Carton dimension (cm) :): L52 x W40 x H60

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